Pele is the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire and the Kilauea Volcano. She is said to appear as a wise crone or a beautiful young woman with a fiery temperament. As a young woman, Pele met Lohiau; they fell in love and were wed. After awhile she longed to return to her volcano and so left him. Pining away for her, Lohiau nearly died but Pele sent her sister Hiiaka to retrieve him. Hiiaka and Lohiau fell in love during their journey and Pele, after an initial outburst, in an act of generosity, allowed them to leave and be married. She found a new lover, Kamapua'a, whose temperament matched her own and even now their fiery courtship continues.

Pele can help us be more honest in our relationships, especially when we're feeling angry or hurt. She knows that if we keep our feelings buried within us, the hidden anger will smother and extinguish the flames of passion, or else explode like a volcano. Ask for her guidance when you need to tell someone that you are angry with them so that you can keep the passion alive.

Call on Pele for help with empowerment; energy; goal attainment; honest communication in relationshps; passion; and prioritizing.

The stone associated with Pele is Red Coral.

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