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Guinevere, whose name means "white one" is a goddess of love relationships, fertility, and motherhood - and she works with the flower fairies.

Guinevere is the Goddess of the Land, by marrying her Arthur became King and sovreign over Britain. Arthur, the Winter God (holly king) vies with Lancelot (oak king) for Guinevere and sovreignty of the land. In the legends you will noitice that Guinevere is sought by Lancelot, Modred and many others, for she is the Goddess and all desire her.

It is said that Guinevere (also spelled Guenevere) has many other roles as Goddess. One of these roles is Flower Maid a Faery Goddess of Love, growth and fertility whose high holiday is Beltaine and whose sacred tree is the hawthorn. Add to this role the White One, which is another name for a Faery Goddess, and Guenevere begins to come into focus as a Goddess of the Old Ones, A Faery.

As the White One she creates havoc in the world of men, for she brings the energy and powers of the Otherworld into the world of humans. However, as Queen of the Round Table she inspires humans to unify and rise up to heights they thought were unobtainable.

Guinevere is also a Celtic Triple Goddess. Her role as Flower Maiden where the fertility is brought so the Earth can have growth, bear fruit and harvest this fruit is added to by her Mother Goddess role as she overlooks the court and inspires the Round Table Knights to greater and greater heights. Rounding out this triplicity is her role as Crone in her actions bringing down the round table.

Call on Guinevere with help with romantic love and women's issues.

The stones associated with Guinevere are Rose Quartz and Garnet.

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