Eve is the Mother of all Living, and as such she can be called out to for assistance with all things in this life. She is well acquainted with grief from wayward children. She knows how to be with a man, and how to be a helpmeet to him. She knows how to teach, how to love, and how to be obedient. She knows how to make difficult decisions, and to discern what is truth and what is error.

The biblical myth of Eve and Adam and their expulsion from the Garden of Eden is another tale of the separation of the female from the male, at Yahweh's command. According to Hebrew and Christian teachings, Eve -- the "first woman" -- is the cause of the 'fall' of humanity from paradise into earthly suffering. She is believed to be the source of 'Original Sin' as taught in the Catholic Church. However in Latter-day teachings we learn that there is no original sin, and that Eve in fact performed the greatest service for all mankind. By her partaking of the fruit of the tree of knowledge, we were able to be born into a world where we could prepare to be Gods and Goddesses.

Call on Eve for help with all female issues, mothering concerns, difficult decisions, especially in light of paradoxical things, discernment, finding the truth, and stepping into your power as a woman.

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