Coventina is a celtic goddess who oversees the sprites and water nymphs. She is a goddess of rain, rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, and all water and water-based creatures.

She can swim into psychic domains and help with inspiration, psychic abilities, dreams, and prophecies. She is also associated with purification and cleanliness, and you can call upon her for a spiritual baptism to relieve you of worries and judgments, and to help you abstain from unhealtful and addictive substances.

In ancient times people would throw coins in a well to request Coventina's assistance. This is believed to be the origin of wishing-wells. Because of this, Coventina represents abundance in all ways. She will work with us in our dreams, if we call on her before we sleep.

Coventina helps with abundance; dolphins and whales; environmentalism; healing with water; psychic abilities and prophecy; purification and cleanliness; swimming; and water supply.

The stone associated with Coventina is Blue Topaz.

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