Ireland, Spain, France, and Wales

Brigit is a warrior goddess who has struck a perfect balance of femininity and no-apologies power. (I think of her a little as Xena)

Brigit is the female equivalent of the Archangel Michael, fiercely protecting and lovingly clearing those who call upon her. Like Michael, Brigit also inspired Divine guidance and prophetic information. She is known as a "triple goddess", representing the three aspects of woman: maiden, mother, and matriarch.

Brigit is a sun goddess, associated with fire. When she is near, you may feel very warm, even hot. (The same is true about Archangel Michael)

Brigit helps with courage, especially for women; life purpose and finding direction; protection; and warmth in relationships, home, and body.

The stone associated with Brigit is Carnelian.

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