Aine is an Irish moon goddess of love, fertility, protection, and environmental concerns. Her name means "bright." She is aligned with the Fairies and is often thought of as a Fairy Queen.

Aine is a very powerful goddess, protecting women. She can clear away curses and negative energies. She isn't here so much to help with individual concerns, but she says we can drape ourselves in her cloak of silver light anytime we seek to regain our strength, and summon up the courage to speak up and stand as a leader.

Aine is very playful, and sometimes will tease you when you are working with her. She is about fun, and joy, and playfulness. Call on her when you "just can't get the party started."

Call on Aine for help with animal rights and healing; environmental concerns; increasing faith and passion; fertility and conception; healing of animals, people, and relationships; full moon ceremonies; playfulness and enjoyment of life; and protection.

The stone associated with Aine is Peridot.
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