Kuan Yin


Kuan Yin is one of the most beloved and popular Eastern divinities. A physically and spiritually beautiful Chinese goddess of mercy, compassion, and protection, her name means "she who hears prayers." Kuan Yin is often called "the Mother Mary of the East" because she represents feminine divinity and goddess energy in the Buddhist religion in the same way that Mary radiates sweet loving femininity within Christianity.

She teaches us to practice a life of harmlessness, using great care to ease suffering in the world and not add to it in any way. You may see the color red when she is around.

Call on Kuan Yin for help with clairvoyance; compassion; feminine grace, beauty, and power; kindness, gentleness, and sweetness towards self and others; love, mercy; musical abilities, especially singing; protection for women and children; and spiritual enlightment and spiritual gifts.

The stone associated with Kuan Yin is Pearl.

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