Shantel Nicole is a third generation clairvoyant in touch with the angelic realms. As early as she remembers she has witnessed the angels around humans. In growing up she became tired of being called weird, different, or a know it all. Shantel decided to gain an education in science, where hypotheses could be proven. She craved structure, and hard facts. She felt in control this way, and science helped her to stay grounded.

Then in 2001 Shantel heard a clear voice that told her to go to Barnes & Noble. While walking through the store a book fell off the shelf and hit her on the arm. The title was “Healing with the Angels” by Dr. Doreen Virtue. Shantel took this as a sign, bought it, read it, and this began her journey of claiming back her spiritual gifts.

Shantel is a Angel Therapy Practitioner, and a Certified Medium by Dr. Doreen Virtue. Shantel now works full time with the angels. Shantel enjoys teaching others how to receive and understand there own guidance, and continually teaches classes in the Salt Lake City Area. Shantel also appears on B98.7 FM on the Todd and Erin Morning Show. Shantel has clients from all over the world. Shantel likes to travel and bring the messages of the angels, wherever they might lead her.