Your Angels are ever near you...

They wish to speak with you and guide you in your life


Shantel Nicole is a third generation clairvoyant in touch with the angelic realms. As early as she remembers she has witnessed the angels around humans. In growing up she became tired of being called weird, different, or a know it all. Shantel decided to gain an education in science, where hypotheses could be proven. She craved structure, and hard facts. She felt in control this way, and science helped her to stay grounded.


guaardian-angel-homelessEach of us is surrounded by a team of heavenly guardians sent from God our Creator to watch over us, bless us, protect us, and warn us. They are thrilled that more and more people are realizing that they can indeed, “talk to the angels.”

There are different classes of angels: Archangels, who can be thought of as the “manager” angels, angels, guardian angels, spirit guides. Each of these beings is important to you. I have found that every person has at least two guardian angels, and usually many, many more.



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